Frequently Asked Questions

I payed but I didn't receive my text top-up yet.

Normally you will receive your code within minutes(even seconds) after your payment. But occasionally a slight delay could occur. Creditcard payments are known to be occasionally slower than debit card payments. Please contact the helpdesk if the waiting time exceeds 20 minutes.

What is a Data Bundle?

A Data bundle, that enables you to access the Internet and send emails at a lower cost.

How do I check the balance on my Data Bundle?

To check your balance, (free of charge) simply dial *136# and press the Call/OK button.

What is the validity period?

Each Data bundle has a set number of days in which you are able to access the internet. Once this period elapses it means that your Data Bundle has expired and you will no longer has access to the internet.

Is it possible to activate more than one Data Bundle at a time?

No. you may have only one Data Bundle at any one point of time.

Is it possible to buy another Data Bundle, if I used all the Data allowance within the validity period?

Yes you can buy a Data Bundle again if you have used all your previous data before the expiry timeframe.

What happens if I have more data left after the validity period?

Any unused data will expire at the end of the validity period.

How do I know if I have finished all the data allowance?

You can check your allowance anytime by dialling *136# without any charge.

How do I deactivate the Data Bundle?

Once you have activated a Data bundle you will not be able to deactivate the service.

What are the internet charges outside of the Data Bundle offer?

The standard Data rate is 19Ct per MB.

Can I transfer my existing Data Bundle to a different mobile number in case my SIM card is lost or damaged?

To transfer your Data Bundle contact customer service team on 1200 (free from Lycamobile) or 020 754 3030